Mariann McDaniel

Director, Resident and Client Services

Public Housing Manager (PHM) ARM. Certified Project Manager (CPM) Candidate ACM for Manufactured Housing Candidate. Over 20 years experience in managing affordable housing.

Mariann oversees all aspects of the Alliance’s multi-million dollar portfolio of over 360 various affordable housing units. She ensures the financial viability of each residential property through the administration and allocation of income and expenses. These responsibilities include compliance for all properties under COAH, HOME, HMFA, HUD and Federal Home Loan Bank or any other funding requirements. She ensures compliance with all municipal, state and local housing codes, inspections, and licensing. Mariann also hires, supervises and provides direction and motivation to all 14 residential and building staff members. Working closely with CFO and CEO on budget preparation for all sites, she formulates criteria for residency for all properties and coordinates all Social Service referrals and contracts. Mariann supervises all lease renewals, applicant screenings, waiting list management, resident selections and funding source reporting. Responsible for the oversight of all property maintenance, she works closely with the Director of Capital Projects on capital improvements and renovations to the properties. Mariann assists with planning and implementing new rental projects, contacting  vendors, contractors and ensures bid procedures are followed. She assists with grant writing and renewals and attends board meetings, workshops, court hearings, and conferences as necessary and assigned.

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